Apple Rehab Sport & Spa Television Commercial

General Admin - Thursday, September 08, 2011

The McKenzie Method

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Introducing the Triton DTS

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We Have A New Location

General Admin - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple Rehab Sport & Spa, a holistic wellness center, has opened another facility at 100 Retreat Avenue,, Suite 702. It is conveniently located across from Hartford Hospital.

“We are excited to bring state of the art equipment to this new facility including a spinal mobilization table, says owner Lisa Wilson-Foley. We have had such great response to our facility on Route 44 in Avon, I felt it was important to bring this concept to the people of Hartford.”

The Triton DTS spinal traction/mobilization table has some unique features including biofeedback to initiate treatment as the patient’s muscle guard lets down. Step progression helps improve the patient’s comfort and reduces the load applied. Each patient has an identification and treatment card that is fed electronically into the table’s computer.

Director Rocco Urso leads our staff of physical, occupational and certified hand therapists. We also offer speech and language services, wellness and nutrition counseling and therapeutic massage. We provide translation for our Spanish-speaking patients.

A Simple Idea

General Admin - Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Click Here to watch Lisa Wilson-Foley speak about the founding ideas of Apple Rehab Sport & Spa.

Behind the scenes of our recent photo shoot.

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Staying in the Game

General Admin - Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stretch to Prevent Bowler's Elbow...

Rocco Urso of Apple Rehab Sport & Spa explains how to avoid bowler's elbow.

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Massage- The Magic of Skillful Touch

General Admin - Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is our first reaction when we hurt or bruise ourselves? Our hands automatically go to soothe that particular part of our body. Even if a child or a loved one is injured or ill, we instinctively reach out and gently caress them to ease the pain.


The sense of touch in human beings is a particularly refined one. Our hands and fingers, specially our fingertips, are extremely sensitive to both pleasure and pain, as they have very fine nerve endings.

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