Our Services

The staff at Apple Rehab Sport & Spa provides rehabilitation, wellness and spa treatments in a soothing atmosphere ideal for healing.

Our movement specialists promote a new concept in clinical therapies, integrating Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy with health and wellness counseling and traditional spa treatments.

Our services include:


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists have expert training in examination and treatment of many injuries and conditions, including sprains, strains, lifting problems and bone and postural disorders. In addition to treatment, we focus on preventing future problems by educating and training our patients. This lets you regain maximum movement and functionality for a lifetime.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists and certified hand therapists evaluate and treat disorders caused by injury, disease and everyday activity. We help patients with problems like fibromyalgia, hand conditions, shoulder and elbow pain, trauma or immobility and work-related injuries, just to name a few. Our certified hand therapist can provide both custom and prefabricated splints.

Speech and Language Pathology

Our speech and language pathologists evaluate and treat language, cognitive and swallowing disorders. We have experience treating patients with deficits in language and communication, oral motor dysfunction, apraxia, dyspraxia, neurological or neurovascular incidents.

Private treatment rooms are available.

Energy Therapy

Energy Medicine balances your mind, body and spirit to promote your body’s natural healing abilities. Energy Medicine works in conjunction with traditional medicine by balancing your seven energy centers, called chakras. Balanced energy promotes healing and improves patient outcomes.

Energy Medicine can be used to treat:
Stress and anxiety
Acute and chronic pain
Pre and post surgical patients
Chronic medical conditions
End of life transition

Spa Treatments

Some may consider massage therapy and skin care as luxuries. However, while they are luxurious; massages, facials and other skin treatments are proven methods to help ensure overall positive well-being.

Massage Therapy

The human touch connects us emotionally . The strategic touch of massage can help relax your body and mind. We use all natural and organic massage creams.

Learn more about the benefits of massage therapy by clicking here.

Skin Care

We offer many treatments for skin, including facials, peels, microdermabrasion, body wraps, eye and lip treatments. We use natural, organic Pevonia Botanic products.

  • For our full menu of facials, facial peels, body wraps and eye and lip treatments, click here.


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